Rěčna jězba do Jendźelskeje

Monday, 3rd October

On Monday we met at 8 am at our meeting place and our bus driver took us to school. At school we were divided into 4 groups and we had lessons from 9 am to 12 pm. After school we went to the historic Dockyard, a famous harbour in Chatham.
First we had Fish ‘n’ Chips for lunch which is a typical British food.
Afterwards we went into Chatham's old ropery where a guide showed us how people used to make ropes about 300 years ago. Some students even were allowed to make a rope with an old wooden machine, which was actually pretty funny. Also, the guide showed us the almost 1 mile long hall where they used to produce thick long ropes for ships. That was really impressing for all of us.
In the afternoon we visited the submarine called Ocelot, which used to serve the British Navy. From the outside it looked really majestic and giant but as we went into it, everything seemed very small and we didn't even have enough space to move. We couldn't imagine that more than 60 people used to live in there.
The weather was really good on Monday since the sun was shining all day, and there was not a single cloud in the sky. That kind of weather is actually pretty unusual for England but we enjoyed it.
In the evening we went back to our meeting place and our host families picked us up at 7pm.

Written by Jodie Noack