Rěčna jězba do Jendźelskeje

Our Last Day in England

On the last day of our trip to England we went to London. There we first wanted to make a little tour by ship on the river Themse. Until the ship set off, we had some free time and we found a tunnel that we followed until the end. We had no idea where the tunnel lead, and in the end we came out on the other side of the river. When everybody of us was back at the meeting point, we walked to the ship.

Most of us wanted to sit inside, because it was a little bit rainy and also cold. But some of us perched outside. The view was really beautiful, but in the end it was too cold. So we went inside. During the tour we passed the Tower of London, the Millenium Bridge, the London Eye, Tower Bridge, and the tour ended in front of Big Ben.

Then our teachers wanted to show us our meeting point where we had to be back at 7 pm. We crossed a bridge where we saw a guy who was dressed up like the Joker of the Batman movies. But it was a really bad costume. Later we had some free time and we walked in a group of 4 or 3 girls with one boy. We went to Big Ben again and after that to Buckingham Palace. The Queen was at home, so we had no chance to have a look inside the Palace. But we saw the men who guarded the Palace. One of them was not able to stand still. It looked really funny how he constantly moved.

Then we walked through Hyde Park, which is really large by the way, to Oxford Street. After that we went to Piccadilly Circus and found a little coffee shop there – and it wasn`t Starbucks. Me and my best friend bought a large tomato soup as a little lunch there, and it was really delicious.

Then we decided to go to a park near Buckingham Palace. It was really fun and we took many pictures. As it was time to go back to the meeting point we slowly went there, but we were still too early. At 7 pm the bus wasn’t at the meeting point, because of the traffic jam in London. So we had to wait until 8 pm. And then after one week, it was time to go home and to say `Goodbye England`.

Charlene Seidel, Luise Garbe, 10-3